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Connecting Students to Life in Jesus

Stonebridge Church exists to bring glory to Jesus and we equip students to do the work of the church
through Gospel-centered worship, teaching, and relationships. SB:Students wants to meet your student where they are,
bring them alongside their peers, and help them mature in Christ to be a witness to His glory. 

We want to get to know your student! Here are some ways that your student can get involved:


Every week, the students of Stonebridge Church gather for MDWKa time of fellowship, worship,
and teaching beginning on Wednesday at 6:30 PMYour student will be able to worship with his or her peers,
hear a gospel-centered message, 
and build long-lasting relationships with other believers.

MDWK takes place in the youth room on the north side of campus, with signs that will help lead you there.

SB:Students MDWKSB:Students at Student Life CampSB:Students at Ready Conference


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